How Can Email Marketing Help My Business?

With the advent of Social Media, you might have heard that email marketing is a thing of the past. While we must give props to social media for carving a nice little niche for itself in the online marketing world, email marketing continues to hold its own quite well. In fact, according to the Direct Marketing Association, the ROI for email marketing is 4,300%. That definitely deserves a second look.

When used effectively, email marketing can be one of the most impactful content marketing techniques in the industry. One of the best things that email marketing has going for itself, is its ability to move the conversation about your business, products and services to the very personal environment known as an inbox. Why is it so important to be found in such an environment? Whether you are marketing to consumers or other businesses, you’re still ultimately marketing to people. With computers, tablets and mobile devices readily available, people are never too far from their inbox, presenting a great opportunity for businesses.

Starting an email marketing campaign is fast and efficient. There are many trusted email marketing service companies to choose from. Constant Contact, IContact, MailChimp and Campaign Monitor are 5 of the most popular choices. These companies offer email campaign management services that are user-friendly and extremely affordable, especially in comparison to traditional print marketing.

Now, before we all run out to purchase a plan and spam the heck out of our customers, we must get one fact straight. An increase in the volume of emails does not mean an increase in leads and sales. Email marketing is more effective when you understand Quality vs. Quantity. Remember, people are inundated with email pitches and downright spam constantly. This isn’t their first rodeo. Your goal is to find a way to stand out and separate yourself from that crowd. Sending hundreds of email blasts at them constantly is a great way to get your email messages blocked. People will only respond to emails that have something different, something they actually want. To say it another way, quality is much better approach.

Before you start an email campaign, be sure and keep your end user in mind. Ask yourself this question first: What sets me apart? Also, keep in mind a little something called the value exchange. What that means is that both you and your potential client’s time are valuable. You don’t want to waste valuable time sending unread emails, and your email subscribers want to be able to trust that you value their time and their needs.

For as long as email is around, email marketing will be too. Things will certainly change and evolve, but for now, this marketing medium can certainly help to lead you on a fast track to success.

Jeff Old

Jeff Old

Principal Owner at Visual App
is a principal owner at Visual App, Inc. and manages the digital marketing, web design and account management teams to assure the online success of their clients. He provides strategic direction and leadership for Visual App.
Jeff Old

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