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Successful relationships are typically those that thrive under mutual, productive communication and personal benefits. Are public relations and SEO a successful relationship? Just like any good relationship they evolve, morph and can be influenced by outside opinions. The media, more specifically internet, isn’t any different. We are constantly striving to create a full integrated marketing and sales strategy.

Whether you are selling a product or a service, consumers and businesses are heading online to find news and information in countless droves. This makes press release accessibility more common and able to reach diverse groups of potential customers. Along with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you can design press releases that will help your news stand out, become visible to search engines and engage your customers to come back for more. In other words, convert leads to sales.

Press releases give you an opportunity to bring your important industry or product news, no matter how technical, into a simple, easy-to-follow message. Avoiding overly technical descriptions and sales fluff can be a delicate balance to achieve. You can always link to your specific web pages so your customers can find out more information. What would draw you in? What would you like to read about? If you’re super busy, your potential customers are as well.

Captivate Your Audience

In order to optimize your press releases, boost their ranking and improve shelf life, you include the following items:

  1. Keywords – Don’t miss the opportunity to grab your audience with an enticing headline or sub-headline with powerful keywords and commonly searched items for your industry. Create some buzz. Get creative.
  2. Enhanced URL – It is important to integrate keywords to the hyperlinks in your press releases to give it an SEO boost and improve your search engine ranking.
  3. Anchor Text/Embedded Keywords – Linking product names back to one of your web pages with draw customers to your web page where you can present them with more information. Sales conversion is easier to accomplish when they spend more time on your site. It can also give them the opportunity to look at some other products they didn’t know you carried.
  4. Add Multimedia Content – Add an image or video to make your release more graphically stimulating and likely to be read. This can also help your visibility as your news is indexed in image search engines. You can also provide a link to your YouTube channel or video/gallery page so consumers can see other videos/images you have posted.

Analyze This

All your efforts are for naught if you can’t analyze the results of your marketing campaign and convert leads to sales. Analytics can show how effective your keywords have been and untapped potential. What is sending your potential customers to your site? Why are they leaving or abandoning your site once they click the link on your press release? Looking over the results can show you where things are going right and where you can improve.

Say What?

So what can you write about? A press release is an open stage, but some noteworthy examples include:

  1. Winning an award
  2. Adding new product options or features
  3. Landing a new customer/business partner/dealer
  4. Launching a new product or catalog
  5. Manager speaking at a conference or trade show, etc.

Once you know what you’re writing about, determine the best schedule and outlets to release them so you can create a constant flow of your company’s news. Analyze the results of your press releases so you can determine, going forward, which ones are driving traffic to your site and which keywords are resonating with your potential customers.

Bottom Line

Writing an engaging, noteworthy press release can drive more traffic to your site. Integrating SEO-friendly keywords will help potential customers to find you on the internet. Learn from your results, see where you are doing well and find areas where you can improve.

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