Take Better Industrial Product Photos in 6 Steps

A key ingredient to building a successful website is utilizing strong product images throughout the site. A good site can become a great site with nice imagery and poor images can have the opposite effect on a website.

If you have the budget for professional photography that’s great but many times the responsibility falls on internal resources to shoot these photos. Taking product photos can be a little daunting, but the following pointers are sure to help your photos look great regardless of your photography experience.

1. Clean Up Your Product

  • Oftentimes, a simple rag, soap and water can make a world of difference with your product photos. Warehouses and assembly areas can be full of dust which will collect on your product making it appear dull and lifeless in pictures. With just a quick wipe-down,
    your product will look much more appealing to potential customers.

2. Remove Clutter from the Surrounding Area

  • We’ve come across countless photos with soft drink cans, tools and trashcans strewn across the background. It’s technically possible to use Photoshop to remove these from pictures, but the process can be very time intensive. The easiest solution is to simply move these out of the area so that your product won’t have any distracting elements.

3. Use A Lot of Light

  • Cameras need a really large amount of light to capture the details of the objects you photograph. Natural clear sunlight is certainly your best bet with achieving great looking photos, but if you can’t easily get your product outside then try to get as much light as possible by opening doors, windows and turning on all the lights you have available.

4. Take Perspective Photos

  • Since pictures are flat, having perspective photos are a great way to convey the true size, depth and dimension of your product. If you’ve ever worked with CAD, then you’re familiar with product views such as front, side, top and rear. These types of photos tend to look flat because it’s difficult to tell the depth of an object. Instead of taking pictures of just one view of your product, try to capture a little of the front, side and top of your object all in one photo to better convey its depth and dimensions

5. Two Pictures Are Better than One

  • Have you ever reviewed your photos and been disappointed when a great photo turns out blurry? Taking two identical photos can really help to avoid this kind of problem since your odds of a blurry photo are cut in half. If you’re having problems with many photos looking fuzzy, try to get more light in the room or even consider using a tripod or other object to steady your hands while taking the picture.

6. Take Photos When There’s An Opportunity

  • Many industrial manufacturers don’t have many product photos because they build a custom product and ship it shortly after completion. If you can simply have a camera ready to snap a couple of pictures when a product is complete, you’ll slowly build a great portfolio of photos showing off your capabilities. Ideally, it’s best to have photos of your product outside in a clean open environment, but sometimes you don’t have that luxury. Just take photos when there’s an opportunity and you’ll be surprised at how quickly you’ll develop an effective product portfolio.
Jeff Old

Jeff Old

Principal Owner at Visual App
is a principal owner at Visual App, Inc. and manages the digital marketing, web design and account management teams to assure the online success of their clients. He provides strategic direction and leadership for Visual App.
Jeff Old

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