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Having helped a wide array of B2B (business to business) clients achieve successful web marketing results, while also navigating the commercial space as a B2B company ourselves, Visual App understands the nuances and obstacles associated with web marketing and content creation in this arena.

While every B2B marketing campaign is different, some of the core strategies and best practices are applicable for all of us. We’ve created the following infographic to highlight the key ingredients for a winning recipe of web content goodness tailored for those unique business-to-business marketing programs.

Let’s take a look at the primary features a little more in depth:

The Key: Create content based on what your visitors are looking for!

This simple, yet imperative component is the basis for all of the content marketing efforts your business will undertake. The hallmark of any great content piece is its usefulness and relevance to the visitors with whom you’re engaging.

Your Visitors Have Questions – Answer Them!

The first method for creating content that’s highly attuned to your visitors’ needs involves answering their questions. This is most easily accomplished through the creation of a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. If you already have one, consider adding more to it and updating it regularly.

Figuring out what your visitors are asking might be easier than you think. In many cases you could end up with a huge list of questions after just one hour of brainstorming with your sales, marketing and customer service teams. There are many other ways to answer your visitors’ questions too, such as blog articles and buyers guides.

Your Visitors Have Problems – Solve Them!

In a similar fashion to questions, you can leverage your content to address particular problems your visitors might be facing. Accomplishing the goal of matching a solution with a customer’s problem often yields high conversion rates and establishing strong ranks of dedicated clients.

It’s pretty easy to tell your customers what your products do and while sometimes that might be enough to land a sale, it’s only part of promoting the problem-solving aspect of your offerings. Go beyond the basic specs and functions in such a way that exhibits to patrons how you’re removing a burdensome problem from their shoulders.

Your Visitors Need to Trust You – Reassure Them!

Trust is a major issue for online businesses – especially when your customers are commercial entities themselves. Fulfillment of your customers’ expectations is only a part of the trust factor you’ll earn online. The rest is built before the sale, with your online presentation and the attentiveness of your sales and service personnel.

Creating content designed to build trust, brand recognition and positive reputation growth develops stronger relationships with your customers, even first-time prospects. This type of web content can take various forms, from Testimonials and Case Studies to media coverage. Evaluate opportunities for trust building and execute whenever possible!

Your Visitors Shop for Specifics – Dig Into Your Niche!

It is highly unlikely that a professional purchasing agent will request a quote from a warehousing equipment dealer simply for “racks” or “ladders”. Such a query is more likely to include specific dimensions, features and perhaps even a certain brand.

In our ever-growing age of technology, industry and fine-tuned logistics, we’ve grown accustomed to particulars. If you provide custom products, unique services or other very ‘niche’ offerings, promote them proudly with quality content. Showcase specifics with product white papers, detailed description pages and product reviews.

Jeff Old

Jeff Old

Principal Owner at Visual App
is a principal owner at Visual App, Inc. and manages the digital marketing, web design and account management teams to assure the online success of their clients. He provides strategic direction and leadership for Visual App.
Jeff Old

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