Five Key Concepts About Google for Business

At Visual App, we take every opportunity to help business owners better understand today’s digital marketing strategies. Our SEO and web marketing specialists, as part of these efforts, publish informative resources designed to equip busy CEOs and entrepreneurs with the tools to succeed in online marketing.

Today’s feature highlights 5 important concepts about Google that we feel every business owner needs to know. It was written by one of our own team members and was published at the well-renowned online SEO magazine, Search Engine Journal.

We’ve included a summary of that post below, but make sure and check out the full article at Search Engine Journal to get the in-depth scoop on how to leverage Google for your business.

Five Key Concepts Business Owners Should Know About Google:

#1) Google is Always Changing

Not only does Google as a company consistently ebb and flow like an ethereal enterprise striving to adapt to every environment, but their Search Engine is also changing on a nearly daily basis. Staying apprised of these changes and adapting along with them will put your business ahead of the pack.

#2) Your Competitors are Leveraging Google

As obvious as this sounds, it’s a pointed and sobering realization for businesses without any web presence, as they must acknowledge that their competition is surely harnessing the power of digital marketing. The suggestion is simple: If you don’t have a website, your competitors are taking the money you’ve left on the table. Investing in a quality web marketing campaign once you have a website is equally important.

#3) Google is More Than a Search Engine

While known mostly for its flagship product (the Search Engine), Google is actually a widespread and intricately woven compilation of digital products and platforms. Many of these are interconnected with our own web marketing strategies, such as YouTube, Google Plus and Google Places. Go beyond leveraging the Search Engine by itself and learn how to take advantage of all the platforms in combination.

#4) Google Strives to Deliver a Great User Experience

It is widely known that Google is adamant about their high standards for websites to create quality content and a top-notch user experience. Why is the big G such a stickler about quality? Because it keeps the profits coming as they reap ad revenue from a high quality search engine. This will never change and it is inarguable. Produce high quality content and a great user experience, and Google will reward your efforts. After all, it is in their best interests!

#5) Google Wants to Know About Your Business

Delving into Knowledge Graph, Google’s new search engine technology which many are heralding as the ‘future of search,’ it becomes clear that entities (people, places and things) are a key aspect of the product. This fact is further reinforced as we examine how other components such as Google Plus, Places, Micro-Formatting and Authorship Markup serve to gather and interconnect our data. In the coming age of digital marketing, Google is banking on producing better results by knowing who you are. So tell them!

Jeff Old

Jeff Old

Principal Owner at Visual App
is a principal owner at Visual App, Inc. and manages the digital marketing, web design and account management teams to assure the online success of their clients. He provides strategic direction and leadership for Visual App.
Jeff Old

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