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Dealer / Store Locator Web Application

The Dealer Locator application was designed for companies with multiple locations or for manufacturing companies with a large dealer or distributor network. Providing this feature on your website assists buyers in finding a local representative or location to do business with. The locator app also assists in easing repetitive customer service phone calls looking for dealers or stores in their area. Google research notes that 60% of product and service searches are regionalized, and based on our clients, once they reach the website 30%- 40% of the website users access this featured area of the website.

"Connect customers to your dealers."

An added benefit for manufactures is offering a tool to support their distributor network. Distributors need these referrals and providing a Locator app on your website takes care of them and assists you in your goal to service your customers at the local level.

Dealer Locator Calls to Action:

  • Find a local dealer
  • Call the phone number
  • Email the distributor
  • Link to dealer website

How it Works



The Dealer Locator is easy to use and provides a quick way for customers to locate company representatives/dealers. Users can search the United States map via city or state, zip code, by specific dealer name and can also search dealers internationally. The Locator app is integrated with the powerful Google Maps application and includes map version, satellite and hybrid views.

Once an area is specified, users can view all of the representatives/dealers that are in that area. Dealers are ranked by importance. Dealers can be grouped together by company name, and when someone searches for a dealer their additional locations will also pull up in search results. You can assign dealer territories, so that if a dealer sells to multiple locations, those locations are listed beneath the dealer’s information.

Occasionally, you will have dealers that have multiple locations geographically separated. The application can tie these locations together in a single map view. Multiple locations are shown with the expanded map view with icons.

When a dealer is selected, visitors view a detailed page of expanded dealer information including phone number, address, website address, detailed Google map and more.

Search Result


  • Search by:
    • City/State
    • Zip and Distance
    • Dealer Name
    • International
  • The Dealer Locator list result is 10 per page with a map overview of locations.
  • New search navigation is easily seen and readily available on every page.

Dealer Priority and Groupings

  • Distributors or dealers are ranked in numerical rankings from 1-5.
  • Top #1 dealers’ are shown first. If multiple exist they are shown in alphabetical order. #2 dealers are shown next and so on.
  • Icons exist on the map for quick and easy reference.

Expanded Dealer Information

  • The icons or the dealer details can be clicked to view dealer expanded information.
  • The expanded information offers a localized map view.
  • Expanded Google map view includes map, satellite and hybrid.
  • Single sales descriptive paragraph is available on dealer detail page.
  • Small logo and image capability exists on dealer detail page.
  • Links exist on dealer detail page.
  • Viewing larger map of the dealer includes directions.

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