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Online Product & Catalog Application

Catalog Explorer - Online Product & Catalog

Successful business websites today include content rich data that provide detailed product information, technical specifications, cad drawings, etc. These days, users expect to find detailed content that gives them the information they need and a comfort level great enough to make the purchasing decision. If your site does not provide what users are looking for they will hit the back button and keep searching.

Catalog Explorer is an online product catalog that meets the needs of today's industrial buyers. With Catalog Explorer, you can integrate your product catalog into your website and provide detailed product information available to your customers and prospects. Providing this powerful online tool generates sales and provides technical communication that buyers and customers expect.

"Catalog Explorer is an online product
catalog that drives sales."

Key Benefits

  • Allow visitors to view and order all available products
  • Easy navigation encourages deeper participation and a longer more thorough session.
  • Multiple search options and filterable data allows site visitors to quickly find what they are looking for
  • Easily offer products in similar groups and categories with grouped product kits
  • Proactively suggest accessories or options that come with products
  • Offer technical documents, links and specific imagery for each product with rich HTML edit tools.
  • Service offerings can be included with capabilities that can be selected
  • RFQ feature allows custom and special requests to be addressed quickly
  • Streamline orders and increase customer service 24/7
  • Set a variety of access levels specific to your company structure

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