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Convert Website Traffic Into Business

Website Conversion

Website conversion happens when you engage visitors on your website to take a desired action which moves them one step closer to buying.

When buyers are sourcing products and services they demand the ability to find detailed product information efficiently to make a buying decision. Buyers can't make purchasing decisions without this information. Is your website converting visitors into customers?

To win their business, your website needs to be information-rich and easy to navigate. If buyers can't find what they need in seconds, they hit the back button and go to the next site. Placing calls-to-action throughout a website creates opportunities for conversion.

Types of Conversions for B2B Websites

  • Download product literature
  • Ask a question
  • Search online catalogs
  • Request a quote
  • Find a representative
  • Sign up for mailings
  • Order products online
  • Download a guide
  • Call a phone number
  • Download a CAD file

How Do You Convert Visitors Into Customers?

The key to conversion is providing relevant content. Content is King! Without relevant and detailed content, your site provides little value for potential customers and minimizes your marketing. Being seen as a resource and a leader in your industry builds credibility with customers.

We can build content-rich websites that drive traffic, provide the information buyers are looking for and maximize conversion to increase sales.

Do you have a print product catalog? Your business may be a candidate for Catalog Explorer, our searchable online product catalog.

Analyzing Your Online Success with Web Analytics

Track the success of your online marketing and see what is working and find areas to imporve upon. See how users get to your site and evaluate what they do after they get there with Google Analytics website tracking tool. This tool assists in measuring success and seeing a return on your investment. Using this data correctly can improve your site's ability to convert visitors into customers.

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