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Develop Your Online Marketing Strategy

The key to effective internet marketing is to build a comprehensive online marketing strategy that supports the goals of your organization.

Our process begins by gaining a firm understanding of your company. We partner with you to discuss areas for improvement and develop a course of action for initial and continued support to improve your web presence.

Whether you need to develop an entire marketing strategy or simply want to supplement your company’s current marketing, our experienced team of marketing and creative professionals can help you. Planning and managing a range of marketing programs can sometimes overload your staff. Let Visual App extend your marketing arm.


Determine the strategy for your online marketing. We will sit down and work with you to develop a plan that is right for your company and its goals. We understand the challenges business-to-business (B2B) companies go through and how they sell. Contact us today and see how you can leverage our years of experience in marketing and advertising within B2B markets.

Define your audience. Determine who will be visiting your site and what do they need once they get there. Existing customers, potential customers, future employees, and for some websites you can add distributors, resellers (and their customers) to list of those visiting your website to get information.  

What do you want to do?

  • Generate Qualified Prospects
  • Better Leverage the Internet for Marketing & Sales
  • Assist Your Customer Service Team
  • Improve Communications with Customers and Business Partners
  • Penetrate New Markets
  • Effectively Launch a New Product or Service


Integrate your online strategy to achieve your goals. Developing your website and all of your marketing channels is vital to your online success. It helps to create a consistent brand image across current and emerging online marketing platforms, builds brand awareness and establishes desired credibility.

Your website is the hub of any online marketing strategy. All online marketing tactics should drive prospects and existing customers to your website. A strong, professional website with good content and usability is the foundation upon all successful online marketing strategies. Learn more about developing a strong website for your company.

Incorporating tactics like SEO, Social Media, Content and Email Marketing gives you a broad representation across the web and allows you to stay connected with customers and prospects. Each marketing tactic is useful in different stages of the buying cycle and can be used to influence buyers in different ways. Our team has the experience to build you a strong online presence.

Strategic Execution

Drive qualified website traffic through Online Marketing tactics. Our systematic approach to web marketing will drive qualified traffic to your site, placing you in front of buyers when they are searching for products and services. You can utilize these marketing tactics to create a two way communication with prospects and existing customers to educate them about your products and services. Active online marketing creates a touch point between you and your customers.

Our Online Marketing Services Include:

Drive Traffic

Visual App has the experience and expertise to assist
with your online marketing strategy.

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