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SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of making your website more search engine friendly so that your site pulls up under relevant searches. These search results are referred to as natural or organic positioning. SEO improves your company’s ranking in search engine result pages which benefits you by driving more qualified leads to your website. Ranking higher under the search results for your products and services is key to your online marketing success.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

You may have a perfectly good website for your product or service, but Google, Bing, and Yahoo may not rank your site well due to issues with the site’s content, structure or technology. In our search engine optimization programs our SEO experts consult with you to review your industry, analyze your site and execute an SEO strategy to move your site toward the top of the search engine results.

"Get found with search engine optimization."

Components of our SEO programs:

  • SEO strategy including a website review and audit for search engine visibility
  • Competitive analysis and monitoring
  • Keyword research and analysis to identify the best keywords and search phrases for your business and product lines
  • SEO for all major landing and content areas on the site
  • Website design and functionality consulting to make sure your site meets listing criteria of major search engines
  • XML search engine sitemap submissions to ensure maximum inclusion in all major engines
  • Website traffic reports to identify and measure search engine traffic that we help deliver

" Visual App’s Search Engine Optimization program produced actual results. Visual App is like part of our company. The results and responsiveness to our needs has been great! "

- Spotwelding Consultants

White Hat SEO

Unfortunately, there are many SEO firms who do not play by the rules, using "black hat" tactics they will promise the world but in the end can get your site de-listed from the major search engines or see your ranking plummet. Visual App uses no gimmicks, and no unethical or questionable practices – we use a time-proven system that delivers results.
We wear white hats at Visual App.

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