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Social Media Marketing





Social media is one of the fastest growing trends in integrated marketing communications, and many companies and organizations are taking advantage of its valuable benefits. Social media heavily impacts how you communicate with your target audiences. It reaches people on a level they are already familiar with, and is a fresh compliment to traditional marketing strategies.

Visual App will setup and brand your social media channels with a look and feel consistent with your brand image. We can manage a social media campaign that is in line with your sales goals and builds a strong online presence.

"Stay relevant with social media."

B2B Social Media Marketing is more than just Facebook.

Social Media Marketing

The first thing a lot of people think when they hear the term "social media" is Facebook. Yet, Facebook isn't the main focus of a B2B social media marketing strategy. Other platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube are much more suited towards B2B marketing and are a great way to engage with your customers.

LinkedIn Social Media Marketing

LinkedIn has become extremely beneficial for companies. Businesses professionals are connecting to each other and following companies to find out what is going on with that company. LinkedIn can help your business gain new customers through online recommendations, stay connected with valuable customers and build your industry network. LinkedIn is a great place to post updates, promote products and services and even showcase the talent behind it all – your employees.

Twitter Social Media Marketing

Twitter’s phrase "Join the Conversation" is an important statement. In a business sense, this phrase translates to "engage your customer base." You can use Twitter to build your brand, gain customer feedback, market products and services, post the latest news, promote specials, drive traffic to your website, monitor competitors and personally address customer comments (complaints, questions and praise).

Youtube Social Media Marketing

If pictures say a thousand words, YouTube videos say a million. One of the most powerful ways to get information across is through video. You can use YouTube to demonstrate products and services, showcase presentations, conduct an interview with an expert, tour your office, record product unboxing/unwrapping, present solutions to FAQs and more!

Facebook Social Media Marketing

Although usually not the main focus of B2B marketing, Facebook is still an incredibly valuable way to stay connected with other businesses as well as your own customers. Facebook posts, likes, and events are all great ways to remain current and relevant in your industry.

Benefits of Social Media:

  • Branding
  • Engaging Customers
  • Improved ROI (Return On Investment)
  • Announcing New Products or Services
  • Influencing Search Engine Rankings
  • Lead Generation
  • Generating Relevant Traffic
  • Getting Customer Feedbacks
  • Enhancing Customer Relationship Management

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