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Website Analytics

Website Analytics

Advanced visitor tracking for your website

Google Website Analytics is a comprehensive website reporting system that provides real-time insight into visitor behavior, and helps marketers and site managers increase sales, reduce marketing costs and encourage visitor retention.

It is easy to track visitors, analyze web page conversion rates and monitor search engine marketing performance with website analytics. It provides accurate, insightful and timely data to help you make informed business decisions about the performance of your website and online marketing campaigns. Our clients use analytics reporting data to:

  • Analyze where website traffic originates
  • Increase website conversion rates
  • Improve website navigation and usability
  • Optimize paid search campaigns

This powerful tool validates your marketing strategy.

Do you know what happens on your website?

The fact is, if you aren’t using web analytics you have no way of knowing how successful your website is. Installing analytics tracking code on your site is the first place to start. Installing analytics will help you grow a historical base upon which to develop more targeted marketing plans.

With analytics, you can identify the most popular pages, or content areas, on your website. You can learn which partner links and search engines send you the most traffic, monitor visitor counts, track the most popular pages, view the most downloaded files and more.

Installing the tracking code on your site is where this process begins, but the most important factor is the web analytics analysis. The reporting that your analytics delivers must be interpreted before they can provide value to you. Visual App has years of experience analyzing these reports and utilizes these reports to optimize your online strategy.

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